Sunday, December 10, 2006

Brother & Sister Caught in Having Sex

Warning: This post contains sexual/porno/vulgar material and rated as 18SX post. Children are not allow to view this post at all because the 'person' and 'action' is not for children under 18 years old.


This is a real incident happened on this couple who are real brother-sister relationship. They are from same father and mother.

No one know since when they were having this activity, their parents must be very disappointed after saw the picture (below). I'm sure their parents will be very angry if they read this post, probably may sue me, but I don't care... I just want to share with you all (only adults) this scenario.

Anyway, before you scroll down, I would like to ask you a question... Would you ever have sex with your own brother or sister? To me I won't do that! By the way, I don't have sister lah... LOL!!!

Alright, let me show you the captured of the brother and sister having sex...


Marlboro full flavored & Marlboro Light...

Both are from same company (father & mother) ma... That's the brother and sister I mean lah... You guys think real person?



may said...

cheh, I thot can see doggies or some other animals goin' at it! LOLOL!!

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't be surprised if this story was true... Read about it in Malaysian papers all the time LA.

ah nel said...

brader...u so desperate til playing thing liddat? LOL

L B said...

So got use protection? Marlboro Menthol?

Chen said...

Did they practise safe sex?
Did Marlboro light use OCP?
or did Marlboro full-flavoured used dom dom?

Ellone said...

I wondered how their baby will looked like ..........

simple american said...

Cum cum.

I am so disappointed.

art.. said...

Winston Lights rock~!!!

Maverick SM said...

Ini macam pun boleh ah?

dreamie said...

aiseh... i thought 'kisah benar' summore !!!

AceOne said...

Hahahaha..i knew something fishy going on wan. kekeke!!!

Nonnie King said...

I also thought it'll be doggies.

Rupanya it's Malboro doing doggy.

De Pianist said...

hmm..i wonder there's smoke coming out when they're when we[sei lor,i'm under 18 still dare to say like that..haha]

Kenny Ng said...

kena conned? LOL...

that's not normal now days, we can read it from paper everyday.

[ah nel]
yalor... what to do ah?

protection? not sure leh. Marlboro menthol? in other room maybe... LOL

I don't know lor... u try enlarge it n see got or not? :P

their baby ah? Marlboro small pack lor... LOL

[simple american]
hehehe... sorry to kill off your steam.

yeah... Winston Light rocks!

boleh... malaysia boleh ma... LOL

kisah benar mah... not meh?

cannot con u anymore la... LOL

kekekeke... gotcha!

[de pianist]
u notty... under 18 still want to view... tell ur papa n mama then u know... LOL

Cocka Doodle said...

cheh...i tot the marlboro cowboy gonna brokeback his horse tim.

nyonyapenang said...

eh, izzit now no more flood liao, you veli free to do paper cuttings ah? LOL

Kenny Ng said...

haha... I'm not until that extreme

I I do the paper cutting la, I got it from email many years ago... LOL said... hamsters do it all the time, all day. Hahaha.

Kenny Ng said...

Wahhh... your hamster so extreme one ah? LOL

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