Friday, December 15, 2006

Band Of The Week - The Who

First of all I would like to announce that our Together-Gather Bloggers Party has been postponed to 9th March 2007.

This weekend my selection of classic rock band is The Who. Maybe you'll ask, Who are they? I just can answer you all by posting up few songs from The Who. Let's enjoy some of my favorite from The Who. One of their most famous entry is "Baba O'Riley", I think most of you might listened it before from somewhere. Next is "Behind Blue Eyes", I believe majority of youngster thought this song is from Limp Bizkit, but the original version is from The Who. Finally my another favorite is "My Generation".

Click 'Play' for music

The Who - Baba O'Riley

The Who - Behind Blue Eyes

The Who - My Generation

About The Who (source from wikipedia)

The Who are an English rock band who first came to prominence in the 1960s and grew in stature to be considered one of the greatest rock 'n' roll bands of all time. Except for periods of retirement from 1983 to 1988 and from 1990 to 1995, the band members have continued to perform as a live act. Their most recent studio album, Endless Wire, was released in 2006.

The Who in 1960's

Noted for the dynamism of their performances and for their thoughtful and art-influenced music, the members of The Who are also acknowledged as rock pioneers, popularising, along with contemporaries The Kinks, the power chord and the rock opera (most notably Tommy). Their earlier "mod" albums, which boasted short, aggressive pop songs, Pete Townshend's distinctive power chords, Keith Moon's explosive drumming, John Entwistle's nimble bass style, Roger Daltrey's powerful vocals, and constant themes of youthful rebellion and romantic confusion, were formative influences on hard rock and power pop, while their loud and violent concerts helped pave the way for punk rock and heavy metal. In their early days they were notorious for auto-destructive art displays, destroying their instruments at the end of shows (an activity favoured both by infamous wildman Moon and by Townshend, whose guitar-smashing would become a rock cliché).

The Who


In their earliest days the band was known as The Detours and played mostly rhythm and blues. They changed their name to The Who in 1964 and, with the arrival of Keith Moon that year, the classic line-up was complete. For the next 14 years The Who would be Roger Daltrey on lead vocals, Pete Townshend on guitar, John Entwistle on bass guitar, and Keith Moon on drums. They became one of the most popular bands among the British Mods, a social movement of the early 1960s which rejected the "greaser" music favoured by the Rockers.

The Who

The Death of John Entwistle

Just before the outset of a tour in the summer of 2002, John Entwistle was found dead in his room at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. A coroner's investigation revealed that while not technically an overdose, a modest amount of cocaine in his system was a contributing factor in a fatal heart attack, the result of years of heart trouble caused or aggravated by regular cocaine use, hypertension, and decades of smoking. After a brief delay, the tour commenced with bassist Pino Palladino.

John Entwistle, greatest and most influenced rock bassist in history

From mod rockers to rock operas to hard rock, The Who reigned triumphant as prime contenders, in the minds of many, for the title of World's Greatest Rock Band. - The Who's display at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

The Who in early days

The Who in present day

The Who... The World's Greatest Rock Band!!!

Happy Weekend!!!


pisang goreng 115,NF said...

i learn this group from T.V, hits series C.S.I....
and all 3 of them

that is :
C.S.I. (las vegas) 'who are you'
i think..

C.S.I. miami 'you whould'nt be fool again'

C.S.I. NY 'baba o'riley'

and is a nice song too

_butt said...

ahh yes yes!! I was just about to ask you whether The Who is the one who sang the theme song for CSI series..

I like the part where guitar goes thang thaaaaang!! Izit call shredding? (learn from a friend)

may said...

excellent classic rock! I like Behind Blue Eyes best. didn't some band do a cover of this song as well?

Nelson said...

hapi weekend bro...

Cocka Doodle said...

Peen kor ah???

Azman said...

Finally there's someone to educate the public that Behind Blue Eyes is originally perormed by The Who. The original version is a million times better.

I HATE the version done by Limp Bizkit. Sounds like a pervert singing behind the mic.

Kenny Ng said...

Who Are You is not from The Who la... Anyway, I never watch C.S.I. before wor... I dunno la, sorry.

Which song u mean? The Who mostly using 'power chords'.

Behind Blue Eyes is the best, yes... some bands doing this song as cover, but I still prefer the original version by The Who :)

Happy weekend bro...

mat sui lor... LOL

thanks for dropping by, yes, I agree with you, original version much more better than cover version by Limp Bizkit :)

Nonnie King said...

Where the hell is the comment I left???

Stupid blogger too hungry ate it!

And... now I forgot what I previously commented liao.

_butt said...

oops! sori, wrong channel! :P

Kenny Ng said...

ur comment in my previous post about Together-Gather party postponed mah, I think u over shoot it... LOL

It's ok... :)

cajun moon said...

cool site bro! the who's rockin.

Kenny Ng said...

[cajun moon]
welcome n thanks for dropping by :)
Yeah... The Who rocks!

simple american said...

Loved the Who!

Saw them in 1979 live in Nuremberg, Germany. They were the main act in front of AC/DC (with Bon Scott) and Scorpions and dozen other bands. Great showmen.

Hey Keith Moon died too. He was a wild man. I cannot remember the year. I cannot remember is I saw him. But he died around the same period in the 80s. Too busy to google. Sorry.

art.. said...

hey brader, 'who are you' IS from the who... dont know if CSI use that song as i dont watch CSI... but i know The Who do have a song called Who Are You... goes something like
"..whoooo are you?!...who! who! who! who!!.. repeats 2-3 times...
anyway, some of The Who's lyrics that makes much sence to me,

"..People try to put us d-down
Just because we get around
Things they do look awful cold
I hope I die before I get old "

pete townsend rocks!


Kenny Ng said...

[simple american]
I really jealous of u, most of the bands u saw before. Yeah, Keith Moon died, I forgot to mention it. I saw live on TV in Live8 last year, they're still rock and Pink Floyd too.

I'm not sure is that song or not, I don't watch CSI too, someone told me is not from The Who...

"I hope I die before I get old"... I like this sentence.


Zen Master said...

"Don't cry, don't braise your eyes, it's only teenage wasteland".....Ahh....I love this band because of Pete's fuzzy distortion, guitar smashing antics and his trademark windmill strum. Not forgetting, Keith's drum skills. I like the fact that The Who was the noisiest band during 60's.

Kenny Ng said...

[zen master]
Yeah, it's a beautiful song. Thanks

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