Monday, November 20, 2006

Ultimate Malaysia Guitarist Portal

Good news for all guitar lovers, Ultimate Malaysia Guitarist Portal is finally up! This portal is created by my old friend with his brilliant idea for all guitar lovers all around the world to share everything related with guitars and musics together.

This portal included with latest news, discussion, photos, music files, forum, guitar lesson. You also can find very good deal of guitars, gadgets and guitar accessories with a reasonable price. For more information about this portal please visit to

Happy jeng jeng jenggggggggggg®


ah pek said...


_butt said...

*jengs along*


sengkor said...

got tabs to download mou?

AceOne said...

Fuiyoh..maybe going to pick up new hobby liao!! Err..there got leng lui anot?

Iwan Sanchez said...

yeah, i agree with IVAN!!


Your fren must be a genious...

But bro,
THe buy/sell only for malaysia residents ar?

Kenny Ng said...

[Ah Pek]
yeah... thanks

come... jeng jeng jengggggggg®

will put up the link to get the tab :)

eeeerrr.... leng guitars got la... leng lui i dun think so la... LOL

yeah... my friend really dare n good business minded.

Anonymous said...

Cool! That's a really nice recommendation you intro to us Kenny.

Chen said...

gua tarak tau main guitar woh.. :(

Kenny Ng said...

thanks... just a helping hand plus... im a guitar lover ;)

ahhh... then too bad lor...

Simple American said...

Thats cool. Rock on Kenny!!!

dreamie said...

Happppppyyyy jeng jeng jeng jeng jeng jengggggggg........ :)

Lin Peh said...

Can cheap cheap guitar like those in popular bookstore kah ?

Kenny Ng said...

[simple american]
yeah... very cool, thanks

wanna jamming? LOL

[lin peh]
sometime u can find even cheaper stuffs there...

Mr.Goober said...

im sure you'll be a very happy man with this news :)

Winn said...

got gu zheng?:P

Kenny Ng said...

huh? I knew it before it develop la... I also help my friend to make it more happening now.

gu zheng ah? soli ah dun have :P

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