Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Six Dark Sides - Tag Post

I kena 'Tiak' (Tagged) again... this time by Angel. This entry is to post up six mindless but colour coordinated pictures. I was thinking, what colour to post up, so coincidence I was listening to Pink Floyd's 'Dark Side Of The Moon' album, so... I decided to post up something is dark/black/silhouette/shadows.

Here we go... *plugged in my electric guitar with heavy metal tone effects...* jeng jeng jengggggggggggg®

It's a bonsai? No... Chinese ink painting? No... it's only a big tree with black and white effect. This picture was taken infront of my office.

See the three childrens playing... really miss those day climbing tress, play at seaside, play with the sand and sea water... I like this silhouette effect.

The reflection from the water looks like a shadow and also like a mirror effect. I miss this place very much, the fishermen there very friendly and nice to talk.

What a romantic couple watching sunset togather at the seaside. I was hunting for sunset picture, suddenly I spotted this couple sitting together and the sun position just right infront of me, so I quickly grabbed my 'wife' and curi-curi snap this picture and run away fast fast... LOL.

This picture was taken from my house laundry area door. It was heavy rain and strong wind blows the rain to the door glass. The rain water makes the view from the door glass become blur... I was using my new 'wife' Nikon L3 to snap it.

Again... Sunset scene at Teluk Air Tawar, Seberang Perai. This picture honour by my secondary school, they enlarge it, frame it and hang it on the canteen wall as decoration. Besides that, this picture also featured in my school magazine's photo section. I don't know the picture still exist in the canteen or not.

Alright... now my turn to tag someone...
  1. Iwan Sanchez - He always complain no people tag him... so I tag him la... :P
  2. _Butt - Heard that she likes to do tag... so I tag kaw her... LOL
  3. Nonnie King - I never tag her before... so this time I tag her... kekeke
  4. Chen - She always tagged me, now is my turn to tag her back... hehehe

Enjoy of my DARK post....


Anonymous said...

Color coordinated? Ngaiti.. I have to search in my folders liao.

Chen said...

nice photos :)

errr... Actually hoh, I did this tag already liao with pink theme last Saturday when u r still in Kluang time. But since this colour tag is interesting, I might consider to re-do it again with different theme colour :D

L B said...

Cool, cool, cool silhoulettes!

angel said...

waa... so nice... so dark... so laaam... :P TQ!

may said...

I love those silhouette photos!! hmmm... I know what colour this is, DUSK!! *grin*

Kenny Ng said...

haha... u slow slow search la

haha... paiseh, really dunno u did b4 liao, nvm la... no need to do again la.


u r welcome... n thanks

DUSK? eerrrrr... no idea la, i just see as dark :P

Mr.Goober said...

last photo looks very artistic leh. not bad..

you got urself a new banner??? looks great!

Winn said...

i got cheat meh??
u oso cheat ma!! u photshopped those color one!!!!! HOR HOR HOR??

Kenny Ng said...

thanks... my new banner was quite some time already... now u only noticed? LOL

mana ada cheat? I never photoshopped my pics 1 la, anyway... i dunno how to use photoshop at all.

Ellone said...

I like the 5th pics alot.
Keep it up !! ^^
Today also rain heavily lerrr =(

_butt said...

Oh dear.. kena tagged. I loved tags!! but hor.. had to post up own pic ar? I dun have yet wor.. but soon, soon.. if not, I'll curi ppl's pic can? :P

I liked all your pics.. suits my 'gloomy' mood now.. sigh.. wish I was away somewhere..

Thanks for tagging!! ^^

Simple American said...

I like the pics touched or untouched. Looking good!!!

Kenny Ng said...

5th pic is about rain wor... thought u hate raining? Thanks

why so gloomy? yeah... good idea to take some days off, I'm thinking of that too.

[simple american]

13th Panda said...

hey, the 2nd photo is really nice la..i like it!

King's wife said...

I like all the pictures. Beautiful and romantic.

Kenny Ng said...

[13th panda]
wahhh... u r the 1st person like it only... thanks

[king's wife]
thanks... but im not a romantic person.

Ellone said...

I hate rain but the photo veri artistic ma ....hohohooo...

Kenny Ng said...

haha... like that also cannot make u love rain? :P

See Fei said...

ini gambar manyak garang! kenny mesti ada camera canggih di rumah kan!

Kenny Ng said...

[see fei]
LOL... tak garang as u punya camera la, Nikon FM10 only.

Anonymous said...

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