Sunday, October 29, 2006

My 10th Anniversary

Back in early year 1996, I get married with my first wife, actually I got lots of wives with me, sorry to tell you all that I'm so playboy. Anyway... I still love my first wife very very much, she never let me down and she still looks pretty as before, I'll never divorce with her till I die. She never failed to give birth everytime she pregnant, and we have lot of babies until I lost count. Want to know who is my first wife? Ok... here we go... jeng jeng jengggggggggg®


WAKAKAKAKAKA!!!! Been cheated or not? :Þ

Ok... let me intro to you all, her sur name is Nikon and her name is FM10. I bought it after my SPM, I went to work in a photoshop for few months, all my saving just to buy this camera. I was targeting to get FM2, but I can't affort to get it, so this FM10 is just nice to me. The Vivitar is a zoom lense (70mm - 300mm), it's a used lense and I bought it quite cheap that time. Sad to say that I stop taking photographs since digital rules the photography world now, somemore the cost to develope the negative (film) and printing is not cheap anymore. I still love analog system than the digital in terms of picture quality.

Alright, let me show you some of my babies... I think most of them I posted before in my previous post, but I post it again here...

My Babies:...

Using light painting technique, I did it in a dark room, the light at the outline was draw by LED lights, then use colour filters on my flashlight to make it more colour effects. Shuttle speed was set to 'B' and locked it with my remote cable.

Another light painting on my favorite poster in my room, Wayne Rainey my 500cc all time hero.

Night scene at Kek Lok Si in Penang during Chinese New Year.

Year 2003 new year celebration in Kuala Lumpur, this picture was taken at Wangsa Maju area, using my Vivitar zoom lense (70mm - 300mm).

Sunset scene at Teluk Air Tawar, Butterworth. Really miss this scene, I think the place developed already, can't get this scene anymore...

Waterfalls at Bukit Hijau, Kedah. Using slow shuttle speed to get the better water effects. I heard this place getting dirty, sigh... why our people like to dirty all nice places?

Morning scene at Ulu Yam, Selangor. Very refreshing moment that time, so I grabbed my wife and produced this baby.

A junk yard in a village house, the place also developed already, miss that old bicycle...

Backlighting of Fan Palm, I took it at my backyard. This picture I won the Sunday Style (NST) weekly photography contest, I got 10 rolls of Kodak ISO400 films for this weekly contest, below is the newspaper cutting... (see my full name... Ng Khai Hoong).

Happy Monday Blues...


L B said...

Chup fot the Fug Fug Flug!! Very good photography!! Congrats.

blue danude said...

nice pix. u have quite a talent at photography eh....very impressed.

may said...

eh, interested in making money from your photos anot? sell as stock photographs. serious!

*plays around with small compact digicam... sigh*

Iwan Sanchez said...

Kenny Bro,
U loved to take photographs hor...

Do u belong to the same clan as Rames , smashpOp gang?


What a nice hobby u got there!!!!

Totally Depleted said...

Love the pic of the Rickenbecker axe on your new banner! Keep on rocking, dude!

Kenny Ng said...

fuahh... so early la u, thanks!

[blue danude]
thanks... that was long time ago, now I'm rusted already.

can meh? how much can earn ah? no worry, i oso play small compact digicam now... hehehe

last time i love to take photograph la, no... i'm not same gang with Rames and Smashpop, they all play with digital, im still into analog.

[totally depleted]
thanks! must thank to my friend who help me to design it.

TUX said...

wah...I need to pai you as sifu. Can ah??

Anonymous said...

Why FM10? not piao mei meh? hehe

AceOne said...

Aiks, i tot your camera is attached with a 3210 HP!!!

CrazyGrr| said...

ur babies all so nice lerr.. somemore won prize one.. so pandai..

Kenny Ng said...

can can can... but how wor?

eh... i dun play piaomei ok?

nolah... my camera too big for that... LOL

haha... yalor, they make me so proud :P

See Fei said...

can i bring you wife out some time? your wife is a real classic beauty. that zoom len is so gigantic and masculine. no wonder you produced so many masculine kids lah!! LOL

in return you can have fun with my wife too. you prob had know her before as she is the sister of your wife. her maiden name is 801s. :-)

Lan Rambai said...

nanti u ajar i pasal shutter speed etc tu ya...

JoeC said...

lol, good camera work. I think if one were to pick this hobby requires lotsa time spend "hold" the wife up close, hehe. Cheers!

Winn said...

lu banyak pandai!! so these are the pix u were trying to YM me whole nite that day hor? apart from u abcd ( adcd) joy:p hehehe.....

ur pic really nice laaaa........

but i dun like it when u mentioned ' happy monday blues'. eh my monday sipet blue leh! and u hv to rub it in !!:(.....

i know..guitar can destress ma. photography can destress ma!

i think dettol can destress too..

bye kenny will miss u:(

Winn said...

oopss! where am i? hell?

opps i m stil alive *sobs*

Helen said...

DNMCH... taken for a ride liao!! First wife?? :-P

When can we get to see your other wives?? Digital ones? lol

Chen said...

wah.. so nice :)
lao hao sui..
see nice photos also can lao hao sui wan.. :D

pssss.. Why Winn miss Kenny?
ada apa going on here?
*kay poh*

Chen said...

double post pulak..
eye sore :P

sengkor said...

ng khai hoong, 1997 newspaper u still keep? got frame it up or not? i know shits abt photography.. pornography another story lah.. haha..

Maverick SM said...

Don't be so naughty lah; not married and many wives.... Don't use the camera to take love-making pictures ah!!!!

Kenny Ng said...

[see fei]
yes, sure u can bring her out. Ur wife is F801s? Wow!!! That's really cool camera!

[lan rambai]
boleh...boleh, anytime datang tanyalah.

thanks :) Yah... I spend most of my time with my wives :P

u ok? dun scare me la weiii... if u got problem i can 'pinjam' my ears to listen ok?

nothing going on with Winn ok? She just kakacaucau me... LOL. I oso love to see nice pictures.

yah, I still keep it but didn't frame it up la. I oso know pornography ma... LOL

hehehe... I playboy ma (on things, not human female), I won't take love-making pictures la... dun worry... LOL

old beng said...

What can I say? Your photo taking skill really ROCKS!!!!!!

angel said...

Waaa... u can lock & take good shots!

Show us your yee lai! Show us your New Wife! Poor Vivitar...

Chen said...

oh... kakacaucau oni :P

Anonymous said...

she pencen oledi kar?
what your new wife?
can intro anot?

Kenny Ng said...

[old beng]
thanks... :}

thanks... my yee lais ah? alot lor... their name are Squier, Yamaha, Vartex, Iswara Aeroback and my new wife is Nikon L3. kekeke

yalah... really scared me at 1st...

no... i just keep her well for rest, my new wife ah? Nikon L3... kekeke

Simple American said...

A toast to you and your wife. Really have some nice offspring hor.

_butt said...

Dude, you're damn goood!!!!! I cna see why you call it your wife and babies.. should share more with us!!

It's Tuesday!! Bye bye blues!

Anonymous said...

Kenny! Know that you're good in photography.. not never know you're "That" good~ sampai newspaper leh.

So, you thinkin of divorcing your wife and get a pretty and sexier one is it?

Sigh, Man~

Kenny Ng said...

[simple american]
yeah, really have... thanks

sure... will share more if got more babies coming... thanks :)

pics in newspaper just a small matter only, actually i got few more but i lost it. No, i'm not divorce with my wife, i still love her very very much.

ah pek said...

phew!! terror photos!! must learn from you one day!

Kenny Ng said...

[ah pek]
Thanks... come come... i teach u photography u teach me kao lui ok? LOL

Bernard said...

Wah. your photos are really good lah... even artsy. Thanks for showing them. I'm going to curik them liao.... hehe, no lah, just kidding.

Kenny Ng said...

hahaha... no need curik la, if u wan u can download it. Thanks

JoMel said...


I especially like that Ulu Yam morning scene.. wah.. like so mystical like that. That will be nice to be used as a poster!

niki said...

helo, u take veli nice pics. I like the waterfall, sunset n Uluyam place

Kenny Ng said...

[lil' joy]
thanks, that mean u r a morning person? haha

helo... thanks for dropping by :)
oh... the sunset become a wall decoration for my secondary school.

JoMel said...

I am definitely a morning person. and I am a sunny person too :)

Kenny Ng said...

[lil' joy]
wahhh... good! very good! can see it from ur profile pic too... haha

KidChan said...


Great Work!!!! WOW!

Kenny Ng said...

Thanks... I still need to learn from you :)

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